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Windows,Apache,MySQL and PHP

WAMPs are packages of independently-created programs installed on computers that use a Microsoft Windows operating system. WAMP is an acronym formed from the initials of the operating system Microsoft Windows and the principal components of the package: Apache (Web-server), MySQL (database) and PHP (Web scripting language).(WAMP, 2010)[1]

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Objective Objectives

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Define the acronym WAMP
  • Connect to the WAMP Web site


The following video takes you through installing WAMP Server and testing that it is working ok.

It is over to you if you want to change your MySQL database password. As it is only running on your local computer you might like to try the following to test all is ok instead..


installing Wamp server

Allowing more than one local host

On my laptop I am running ASP and use localhost pointing to a folder on my D Drive. To develop an application using WAMP I want to use a different virtual folder (and so different Local host). JJ helped me set this up.

1. in httpd.conf (use the WAMP system tray and select Apache) change the Listen statement

Listen 8080

now when I want to access my WAMP site I use http://localhost:8080

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