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It is hoped that all users of this site will create an individual login.

Your email address is needed to send out the password and confirm it is really you (and to avoid spammers), but access to the site is not restricted if this data is not entered though some functionally (such as editing pages) may be restricted. Data collected may be used for academic research but individuals will not be identified unless permission is granted.

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Note : virtualMVwiki - Research and Privacy

  • This wiki is part of my research into using technology in teaching and learning. From time to time (not very often) I will be using the emails used by people who have registered with this wiki to help with my research. If you do not wish to be part of the research you can create and use a public wiki ( e.g. ) or do the activities offline in a document.
  • By creating a userid in this wiki you
    • explicitly grant permission for me to contact you via email for research purposes related to this wiki.
    • allow others to contact you via email for research related to this wiki.
    • consent to being part of my research.
    • will be able to modify pages in the wiki
    • will be able to create your own "sub-wiki"
    • will be able to add discussion threads to the wiki

Apart from the identifying data several logs are maintained. These include;

  • Google analytics

Any questions or feedback should be sent to

Change history:

2009-01-22: Statement created. 2010-006-03: Tidied up