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Rover 216 1994-1995

Intermittently won't start after been driven, then left for a short time

2011-May: The problem turned out to be some dry solder on a circuit board behind the center console (Amazing diagnosis by local Auto electrician - thanks Chris)

Range Rover

(Don't have one anymore - cost of repairs finally drove me under :( )


If the battery is disconnected

Resetting the Windows

Dashboard says, "Windows not set."


What you need to do is open each window and then close them one at a time, holding the switch in the up position until the display reads "window set". Open the sunroof fully then close it and press the switch again to open it to the vent position. This will reset the sunroof.

If the display continues to show "window not set" just lower it fully and then raise it again holding the switch when it gets to the top. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries.

Entering the radio code

NOTE: If an incorrect code is entered, a one minute time delay is imposed before a second code can be attempted. Each time a wrong code is entered, the time delay doubles (2 min, 4 min, 8 min, etc.) making theft a very unattractive proposition.


If the code has not already been entered, or power to the set has been interrupted, the code MUST be entered before the set will operate. Enter the code as follows:

  • Switch on the radio (’CODE’ appears in the display). Press pre-set button 1.
  • Press either the up or down tuning button until the first digit of the security code appears in the display. Press pre-set 1 to store the first digit in the unit’s memory.
  • Use either tuning button to select the second digit of the code (correct digit appears in the display). Press pre-set 1 to store the second digit.
  • Select the third digit, again using the tuning buttons (until the correct digit is displayed). Press pre-set 1 to store the third digit.
  • Select the final digit (the display now shows the full four digit code). Press pre-set 1 to store the final digit.

If the correct code has been selected, a two-tone bleep sounds and the radio will operate.

NOTE: If an incorrect code has been entered, the first time delay period commences. During the delay period, ’WAIT’ appears in the display - DO NOT switch off. At the end of the delay period, ’CODE’ reappears in the display and you can then enter the correct code. Remember; the time delay period doubles each time an incorrect code is entered.