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So how many way am I connected to the Social part of the Internet It seems that every couple of weeks someone invites me to another social network, so I have lots of accounts but use few of them. Usually they are a way that people store my email address !

Anyway here is an alphabetical list (just in case you think I prefer any of them!!)

Email addresses

  1. eit
  2. gmail
  3. xtra

Social networks

  1. Kinshuk's Graduate Research Group
  2. FaceBook (@gmail)
  3. Flickr (@gmail)
  4. Hyves
  5. LikedIn
  6. Plaxo (@eit)
  7. SecondLife (vMe Voom)
  8. Skype
  9. Twitter virtualmv


  1. Edublog
  2. Blogspot