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This page contains some notes I will be using for a presentation titled "Developing a virtual presence on the web to assist teaching and learning".

As part of my PhD research, I developed a framework that looked at what structures would be useful to create a Personal web space.

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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  1. Realise that personalisation is a distinguishing factor in teaching and learning
  2. Realise that students can contribute to content
  3. Understand how online tools can be used to create, manage and distribute personal content


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We are individual's and as such we teach "our" way. We all develop content in a way that we are comfortable with. That's why there are so many text-books on the same topic or why we all create our own PowerPoints.

Our content is gathered from many sources: Printed, online, and through discussions with others, and evolves with us over time.

As a teacher we synthesise all the "stuff" out there and create our own unique blend of delivery. Some would say this is very wasteful!!

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Why do educational institutes develop its own courses when there are zillions already in every imaginable area?

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The point of difference is YOU!!

So given that you are the center of the Universe in your teaching, how can you use the tools on the Web to create a virtual Presence?

For starters - do you have a presence - type your name into Google/Bing/Yahoo - what comes up??

Learner involvement

Students come with us with a wide variety of skills - both content and life skills (and can provide editorial monitoring for content).

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  1. Do your students supplement your content?
  2. Can we merge this information into our content?

For this wiki users can create personal (but public) pages - Special:ListUsers



A presentation on Web 2.0 (Verhaart, 2008)[2]( http://www.slideshare.net/virtualmv/2008-verhaart-naccq-web2-0m ) contains my online presence (and Kim H-H).


  • Moodle(EITOnline): Available to students regisered with the CMS/LMS.
    • Contains:
      • wiki
      • Blogs
      • etc..


  1. eMail (gMail): Allows forwarding
  2. Blog (WordPress):
    1. http://virtualmv.edublogs.org/
      1. Allows updating via email (edublog does not have this functionality enabled - yet?)
      2. I use this to keep my "interesting stuff" and automatically posts to my Facebook account.
  3. Wiki (WikiEducator)
    1. Will probably need institutional support (want to investigate this further as part of my ongoing research)
  4. Media object tools (be aware of copyright issues)
    1. Slideshare: Allows sharing of PowerPoints (they are converted to Flash files). http://www.slideshare.net/virtualmv/2008-verhaart-naccq-web2-0m
    2. Glogster: Poster creator. http://virtualmv.glogster.com

Public/Private hosting

Also have publically hosted and private hosting. Unless you have the technical skills (or are willing to learn them, or have someone who will help) this is generally not an option.

  1. virtualmv - http://www.virtualmv.com

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