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Here is a list of Browser features that can be useful when displaying Web Pages to an audience

  1. Open into a New Tab (Ctrl+Click)
  2. Open into a new browser window (Shift +Click)
  3. Use Page > Text Size. Will keep the word wrap functionality
  4. Use Ctrl+Wheel (on mouse) to zoom up (Does Pictures as well in later browser versions)
  5. F11 = Full screen


An application that is very useful (small and can be installed very quickly)

  1. Use Zoomit - Application quick to install allows you to zoom onto a part of the screen (Ctrl+1) to zoom - then use the mouse to draw on the screen

(Ctrl+2) no zoom - then use the mouse to draw on the screen (from Version 3/2009)

Click on the tray icon to access the options/settings.

Russinovich (2009) [1]

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