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Ok. So we now have a variety of Web Browsers, so one issue that affects many of us is the need to have multiple browsers installed at our Institutions, So how do we justify this to Computer Services..

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Market share

For students developing web pages there is a need for them to try it in the most popular web browsers

  • Browsers that should be considered (Usage stats Jan 2009): Internet Explorer (68%), Firefox (22%), Safari (8%) and Chrome (1%). (Wikipedia, 2009)[1]


Internet Explorer

  • Current Industry Standard

IE 8 RTM and Top 5 reasons for IT Pros to deploy

1. Productivity

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Search
  • Accelerators
  • Webslices

2. Security

  • Smart Screen filiter
  • In-private browsing
  • Per site and Per-User Active X filtering
  • Domain highlighting

3. Granular Management 4. Easy to Deploy 5. Easy to Migrate

Tesar (2009, Mar)[2]


Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is an open-source web browser, and is run using the 'Gecko' layout engine.

  • Add-ins
    • Zotero a free referencing add-in
    • HTML/CSS tools - Firebug
    • JavaScript debugging tools

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open source web browser built by Google under the Chromium project (Wikipedia, 2009).

Apple Safari

Additional Resources


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