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So, the following sub-systems have been identified.

  • Human Resources (Staff and timesheet)
  • Sales
  • Hire center
  • Equipment Repair
  • Accounts

Human Resources

A list of all the staff is to be kept including their hourly rate. A record of what they did and the number of hours is to be kept so that their weekly wages can be calculated.


The firm sells equipment that the Hire center uses. An order/invoice may be used to purchase the goods, and at the end of the month a statement is sent to the client. Items may also be purchased for cash. The person is entered into the system, an order/invoice is created, and payment is recorded. The nett value of the Order/Invoice is $0.00. This allows warranty information and returns to be managed. Once the order is confirmed the quantity of stock is reduced.

Hire center

Clients who have not hired any equipment over the past 12 months should have their hire records removed. Equipment records need to be maintained, including the initial cost, which category it belongs to (automotive, gardening, horticulture, etc.) and a service record. Here, the system is required to keep track of;

  • who has taken out the equipment
  • when they were taken out
  • when returned.

Equipment repair

Here the system is required to keep track of

  • who brought in the equipment
  • What the problem was and when it was received
  • A note to say what work was done
  • When it was picked up


  • Clients may both hire equipment and bring equipment in for repair.
  • The system is required to keep track of deposits and payments, a transaction record for the current financial year only is desired.

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