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Comparison of Open Source Technologies to support Open Education Resource Repositories in Computer Science

Physical (citadel?) vs virtual repositories (mainly links)

What makes sense in a repository? Syllabi, content, visualisations, assessments?

Completeness (e.g wiki issue)?


Learning Object Repositories:How useful are they?


NASA's iPad App Beams Science Straight to Users NASA News (07/26/11) Wade Sisler

U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) researchers recently released the NASA Visualization Explorer, an iPad app that enables users to interact with images, video, and information about NASA's most recent Earth science research. The app features high-resolution movies, still photographs, and short stories that put the different visuals in context. The app also includes social networking interfaces, including links to Facebook and Twitter, as well as interviews with scientists and imagery from supercomputer modeling efforts. "Its one-of-a-kind content is geared to the general public, students, educators--anyone interested in the natural world," says NASA's Michael Starobin. NASA project manager Helen-Nicole Kostis says "the NASA visualization app is the latest step in a rich tradition of content production and application development." NASA researchers began working on the app soon after Apple first released the iPad in April 2010. "We just knew immediately that the iPad provided the perfect platform to showcase NASA science," says Visualization Explorer's principal designer Christopher Smith.