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As editor of New Zealand based research publications, I have found it difficult to find a place where just the New Zealand Journals rankings are listed. This page attempts to remedy this.

If you have a New Zealand Based Research Publication - not just Information Systems, please feel free to add (whether or not is has a ranking). If they need their own category or are in the wrong category feel free to move (or leave me a note)

If it is ranked please create a table to show this and provide a reference to the list you have been ranked in. (If you are not sure how to create a table type it in as best you can and I'll tidy it up for you. You will need to create a login profile first to edit the wiki - unfortunately spammers seem to find anything open access).

If you are uncomfortable editing the wiki, please send me an email ( mverhaart at gmail ).

Information Systems journals

NZ IS Journal rankings
Journal Organisation Notes ISSN DOAJ Id (1)(2)ERA (3)CORE (4)ACPHIS
Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology(BACIT) NACCQ Full text/Peer reviewed 1176-4120 11764120 C(32017) C(32017) -
Journal of Applied Computing and Information Technology (JACIT) NACCQ Paper based/Peer reviewed 1174-0175 - C(?) C(18094) -
Proceedings of NACCQ Conference NACCQ Full text/Peer reviewed 1176-8053 - C (43931) - -
Journal of Distance Learning DEANZ - - - - - -



Some ranking sources

In New Zealand PBRF panels frequently refer to Australian rankings as a guide

In education

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