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1. Submitting your paper

  • Papers should be submitted as Microsoft Word doc or docx files with
    • all special tags, such as, Bookmarks, EndNotes removed (Use Ctrl+Shift+F9)
  • If you paper does not have any images please submit as the doc/docx file
  • If you have images these should be included in the Word document AND submitted separately
    • Please create a zip archive containing the paper and the images.

1.1 Zip file notes

  • A common problem occurring with zip files is if sub-folders are included. In some zip programs a separate check box indicated sub-folders. If you are using Windows the easiest way to zip a file is to right click the files (or folder containing the files) and choose "Send to.." > "Compressed folder".
  • Please avoid other formats (e.g. rar) as it creates unnecessary work for the editors.

2. File Naming

  1. Please do not include spaces in Filenames (use CamelCase)
  2. All files should be named as <Year><FirstAuthor>_<ShortTitle> e.g. 2008Verhaart_Metadata.doc
  3. Separate image files should be labelled as the doc file with the addition of Fig1, Fig2 etc, e.g. 2008Verhaart_Metadata_Fig01.png

3. Some things to avoid in your paper

  1. The use of "I", "we", etc. is discouraged in academic publications. (The research is meant to be impartial!)

4. Images

  1. Images should be included in your Word document AND supplied as separate files (refer to file naming above)
  2. png or jpg files are preferred, avoid using gif files (they are difficult to resize)

5. Structure and numbering

Please structure your paper and number as follows:

Abstract (h3)
1. Introduction (h3)
2. Section (h3)
2.1 Sub-section (h4)
8. Conclusion (h3)
9. Acknowledgements (h3)
References (h3)

6. APA Checklist

6.1 Citations

  1. et al.
  2. ..(Blog & Blog, 2008).. or ..Blog and Blog (2008)..

6.2 References

  1. List all authors (No "et al.")
  2. Use & for multiple authors e.g. Blogg, & Blogg (2009)
  3. Italicise publication source, or title if no source
  4. You should not really need anon as a reference for any web site

6.3 Creating an APA web reference

To create a basic APA web reference you may find it useful to follow these steps.

  1. Look for the author
    1. Is it at the top of the page under the heading
    2. Is it at the bottom of the page next to the copyright (this may be a company)
    3. If you go to the home page is there an owner/author listed?
  2. Created date
    1. Is it under the heading
    2. Is it at the bottom of the page
    3. If you cant find it use (n.d.)
  3. Find the title
    1. Best to use the text inside the <title> tag (use right click, display page source, look for <title> tag and copy the text inside it) or
    2. Use the heading on the page
  4. Find the source (Is it a Journal paper, conference paper etc)?
  5. Italicise the source (Journal/Conference,/Book) OR Title if there is no source.
  6. Type in todays date "Retrieved month day, year" e.g. "Retrieved December 31, 2008 from "
  7. Highlight the URL in the URL area of the web browser, and [Ctrl]+[C] (copy), then [Ctrl]+[V] to paste into your reference..

.. and thats all there is to it!