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This page contains a list of things that I have found can be confusing or not well understood

Some resources

The use of author initials


  • Only use initials in the references.
    • Verhaart, M., & Hagen-Hall, K. (2009). ...

The use of &

There is a lot of confusion when using '&' and 'and' for multiple authors, the rule is simply:

  • Use & when an inline citation is in brackets , and in the references
    • ...(Verhaart & Hagen-Hall, 2009)
    • Verhaart, M., & Hagen-Hall, K. (2009). ...
  • Use and in an inline citation when the date is in brackets
    • ...Verhaart and Hagen-Hall (2009) ...



Warning: Wikipedia is a community written resource and as such its accuracy may be questioned - so use with caution.

  • Citing a page in wikipedia (in the toolbox at the left of the page you may find a link cite this article - though as at Sep 2009 there appears an error in the retrieved date)
  • Citing wikipedia itself
    • Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia. (2004, July 22). FL: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Retrieved August 10, 2009, from

Audio visual materials


Meyer, A.S. (1994). Genetics. In Encarta encyclopedia [CD-ROM]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation.
NZ Video Tours (1995). New Zealand Coast to Coast. [CD-ROM]. Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd

Ref: University of New South Wales (n.d.)[2]

Caption Tables & Figures from Another Source

It is often better to redraw or reconstruct tables or images otherwise you need to seek the permission of the original author/publisher.

Note.  From “Title of Article,” by F. M. Author and C. D. Author, year, Title of Journal, volume, p. xx.  
Copyright year by the Name of Copyright Holder. Reprinted [or Adapted] with permission.

(Strahan, 2009)[3]

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