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Featured Wiki: Digistore Fiona Grant and Rochelle Jensen started the Digistore wiki in October of 2008.

1. Briefly describe your group, your wiki, and what you use it to do:

Digistore - Te Pātaka Matihiko is one of a number of online communities in Te Kete Ipurangi, New Zealand's bilingual education portal and an initiative of the Ministry of Education. Digistore is the gateway to a storehouse of quality digital content for New Zealand educators.

The purpose of this wiki is to reinforce the key messages about effective use of digital content and also explore the types of teaching approaches that will have a positive impact on student learning. The wiki includes examples of how digital content has been embedded into existing programs of learning, tools and resources to support teaching and learning, and links to other relevant digital content and learning experiences. Like Digistore, this wiki will continue to evolve as the community develops its capacity to effectively integrate digital resources to improve learning outcomes for students.

2. Besides the Edit button, which wiki feature is your favorite?

Widgets and the ability to embed dynamic content into the wiki pages. Embedding widgets is not only fast but adds visually to the pages and provides lots of flexibility and options to demonstrate effective practice.