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  1. Installation
  2. Updating [Jan09]
    1. 1.12.0 to 1.13.3.

Compared to the virtualMe framework

Please refer to Chapter 3 of my PhD thesis ( )

Information and knowledge acquisition

Data, Information, Knowledge


Value of shared contextualised knowledge acquisition


Displaying content in overhead view. use Windows based software - zoomit (Russinovich, 2009)[1]

As an aside, andragogy is probably a more appropriate term for adult learners as it identifies that adult learners have different characteristics than child learners (namely, self-direction, experience, readiness to learn, problem (rather than subject) learning and motivation (Smith, 2002)[2]

Mechanisms for the acquisition, management and dissemination of information and knowledge


Resource acquisition, management and sharing at source

Resource acquisition

It has been found to be essential that a web site be available for things that dont fit into the wiki format e.g. Example programs in Flash and JavaScript are linked to from within the wiki.

Digital Assets

APA Citing and referencing

  • For pages in the wiki: Achieved via a template at the foot of each page Template:APAFooter
  • Citing to APA using Cite - only allows referencing per page.


Media Wiki widget

TypePad User group


On Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Michael Verhaart wrote: Hi Sergey, Reviewing your widget it appears that you hold the comments on your server. (That way they are accessible to other applications I assume). As this open up security and privacy issues (that I dont really want to deal with) I will probably look to another solution where the local database is extended with additional tables and an the code extends Media Wiki Thanks for your response, its neat to know that you are exploring annotations on the web in a Web 2.0 framework (which is the area I have been doing my PhD in).

Reply Tue 10/02/2009 6:29 a.m. ....................

No, I don't host anything - it's a service TypePad Connect by Sixapart ( is just a site that helps you to integrate 3rd party widgets into your site, we're not a widget provider ourselves. Sergey Chernyshev []

Using the CurrentUser page

2009-07-25 : Once a login is created a user page becomes available. If you click on the username at the top of the page you will be able to access your personal page. In effect this allows each person (who has a login) to create a private wiki. For a learner this could be useful to contain notes and links to pages in the wiki, as the page is easily accessed from all pages. Using [Ctrl] or [Shift] will allow the user page to be opened in a separate tab or browser so that the content currently being viewed is not lost.

Personal content management frameworks

Learning content management systems

Existing systems

Media Wiki

Why privately hosted

  • Able to try out things e.g. add templates (APAFooter)
  • Tried automating GeSHI - did on dev server used templates - rendering at wrong time so gave errors, tried modifying geSHI extension, changed border to dots had unpredictable results

Publically hosted

NZ Based learning resources

  • Te Kete Ipurangi - The Online Learning Center(n.d.). Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand. Retrieved February 25, 2010 from


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