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  • 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees(Haden, 2012, Feb 21) [1]
    1. They ignore job descriptions. Think on their feet, adapt quickly to shifting priorities, and do whatever it takes, regardless of role or position, to get things done.
    2. They’re eccentric... quirky, sometimes irreverent, even delighted to be unusual, but in a really good way. Unusual personalities shake things up, make work more fun, and transform a plain-vanilla group into a team with flair and flavor, stretch boundaries and challenge the status quo, and they often come up with the best ideas.
    3. But they know when to dial it back.
    4. Publicly praise... recognize the contributions of others, especially in group settings where the impact of their words is even greater.
    5. Privately complain.
    6. They speak when others won’t. Have an innate feel for the issues and concerns of those around them, and step up to ask questions or raise important issues when others hesitate.
    7. They like to prove others wrong. Self-motivation. Education, intelligence, talent, and skill are important, but drive is critical.
    8. They’re always fiddling. Some people are rarely satisfied (in a good way) and are constantly tinkering with something: Reworking a timeline, adjusting a process, tweaking a workflow.

"Great employees follow processes. Remarkable employees find ways to make those processes even better, not only because they are expected to… but because they just can't help it."

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