NBAF 2012

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National Business Administration Forum 2012


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Some ideas for my presentation
(8:45-10:15 Wed April 18)

  • Adobe connect
Adobe connect session showing a Guest speaker from Australia (Joyce), the actual physical class in progress (in EIT Campus, Taradale, Napier), a combination of students in the class, in the local area (mix class attendance with watching from home) plus a distance learner (Gisborne)

(If you are familiar with wikis feel free to add anything else you would like me to look at - can't promise but I'll see what I can do)

  • Electronic White board
  • zoomit
  • Adobe connect - its use in a classroom (Webinar)
    • Using Mobile device to attend, issues of timezones
  • Twitter feedings
  • MOOC (Massive Online Courses)
  • Blogging (Updating via Mobile device)
  • Creating a web presence
  • Wikis
  • Mobile Applications
    • email
    • YouTube mobile
    • Google goggles
    • Voice recognition (Siri)
    • Capturing images, videos to produce online portfolios
    • Skymap


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