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On this page you can post some MySQL code that you are having trouble with.

  • Please keep the code "simple" concentrating on the problem ... not a lot of code with a "small" problem.
  • Post a tweet including the #vmvwiki tag so that we know there is a problem waiting to be solved.
  • Paste the following wiki code when you edit, and put your code where shown.

{{vmv:Source|<source lang="javascript">
Code in here

Posting reward scheme

The rules here are:

  • if it is a complex problem, and you solve it you should be rewarded with a small choc from the person posting, however
  • if it is easy to solve a more substantial chocolate "gift" (like a large chocolate fish would be nice :)

Problem 1: UPDATE not working


  ('Michael's Hire and repair Shop','12 Tui St.', 'Napier',
   '(06) 123-4567','(021) 123-4567', '');

This causes a MySQL Error...

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