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Basic Trouble shooting

Extra spaces

mysql> SELECT NOW();
  • Not working???
    • Make sure you do not have a space between the function and the brackets. (e.g. NOW[space]() doesn't work!)

Some Syntax errors

  • Watch out for SELECT > WHERE > ORDER
  • Watch Data Types same e.g. INT is different than INT UNSIGNED
  • Make sure order is correct for data types
    • Correct: StockID INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL
    • Incorrect: StockID INT NOT NULL UNSIGNED,

Where is the mysql database stored?

If you access the file my.ini in the C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1, edit in notepad and look for Path to database root (The following was in my one)

#Path to the database root
datadir="C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1/Data/"

IF Application Data doesn't show in windows explorer you may need to change the Folder Options

  • Use Tools>Folder Options> View
  • Show Hidden Files and Folders
  • (While you are there uncheck "Hide Extensions for known file types" - This is a common way to spot potential viruses trying to sneak into your system.)

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