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Browser refresh

Sometimes when a page or resource is updated the old page is viewed in the browser. The issue appears to be that the local cache (on your PC) is not cleared properly. To do this hold the [Shift] key down and refresh the browser window, (or if the page is in a browser popup, righ click on the page (not an image), hold the [Shift] and choose the refresh option.

Adding a Proquest Widget

Short YouTube clip on how to create a ProQuest Widget.

Instructions to add the Widget you created.

  1. Sign in to EIT Online.
  2. Navigate to the page you want to add the Widget to.
  3. Turn editing on.
  4. Using the ‘Add a Resource’ Drop Down Box, select ‘Insert a Label’
  5. Click on ‘toggle html source code.’ The image looks like this: <>
  6. Paste code for Widget.
  7. Save and return to course.