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How do I sync Google Calendar and LG Arena KM900?

Hi, just follow the steps below to synchronize the mobile phone LG Arena KM900F with the Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Gmail.

Important: make a backup of data from calendar, contacts and e-mails stored on the mobile phone, because when setting up a Google Account to be synchronized, these data will be deleted.

For configure a Google Account to be synchronized: - tap "Message settings" -> "Email" -> "Email accounts" -> "Add account" -> "Microsoft Exchange"; - configure the new account using:

 Email address:
 Server address:
 User name: username
 Password: ********
 Auto push: Off
 Mail days to sync: No limit
 Sync items: Contacts, Schedules and Tasks
 Use SSL: On
 Internet profile: Wi-Fi or another profile
 Save in sent: On

For synchronizing with Google Calendar: - tap "Organiser" -> "Menu" -> "Synchronise".

For synchronizing with Google Contacts: - tap "Contacts" -> "Menu" -> "Synchronise contact".

For synchronizing with Google Gmail: - tap "Email" -> "Microsoft Exchange" -> "Message synchronisation".

IMPORTANT HINT: If you have more as 500 entries in your Google-calendar, you won´t succeed the synchronisation because of the limitations of the LG KM900 mobile phone! You will get an error message and no entries will put in your LG. Outgoing calendar entries (LG to Google Cal) will work!