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This page will contain examples of how MediaWiki can be used in Teaching and Learning. It is a companion to Extending for Teaching and Learning (Features Grid).

If you have examples please add them. If you are unsure how to add using wiki notation, post a comment (at the bottom). Unfortunately, due to spamming I have had to ask users to create a login to enter information into this wiki. If you really dont want to add a user id, could you email your suggestion (mverhaart at gmail )

Reference sites

The following sites have been used to source examples. If you have a MediWiki Site and have examples, please add your site and then add your example.


Table of teaching and learning examples

Type Wiki Add-ins Description/URL
Q&A vMV js:CT JavaScript:Interactive Help Desk: Problems are stated, the answers are hidden.

Interactive Help Desk

Q&A WE js:CT Álgebra - Polinomios - Factorización. Práctica Uno: Multi-choice questions are presented. Each answer contains a drop down to show whether the answer is correct or not
Presentation vMV tm:PO TeachLearn:Virtual Presence for T&L: A presentatio showing the use of Pedagogical templates for objectives, keypoints, and questions
Virtual Presence for Teaching and Learning
Activity vMV tm:PO Excel2007:Function COUNTIF: Learners are asked to complete a spreadsheet task
Excel2007:Function COUNTIF
Research/ Referencing vMV ex:C Inet:Broadband: Many references are quoted and these are included in the footer (template). A pseudo APA style has been adopted
Discussion vMV ex:DIS Internet:Web Browsers: At the foot of the page additional information has been added. (Also available at the foot of this page)
Internet:Web Browsers
Enhance content vMV ex:SC JavaScript:Overview: This page demonstrates how the Source code displayed for both HTML and JavaScript have the keywords highlighted
Quizz vMV ex:QZ Internet:Multiple choice questions: A series of multiple choice questions are asked on Internet content
Internet:Multiple choice questions
Discussion vMV wi:TW virtualMVwiki:Main_Page: Twitter users can add the #vmvwiki tag and the post will be displayed on the first page of the wiki. Has been used at the start of lectures to seed discussion on "what has happened on the Web since we last met?"
Interactive vMV wi:IFR HTML/XHTML:What is HTML: In the Basic HTML page section, an external web page is called in an iFrame that allows the learner to try the HTML code and see the results
Presentation vMV wi:SS Web 2.0: This page includes a Flash based PowerPoint style presentation that discusses Web 2.0
Web 2.0
Connected media vMV wi:GD;wi:TW
DEANZ_2010: This page displays the Interface used to present the wiki technology in Teaching and Learning and includes a Google Document Presentation. Also shown is the Conferences Hash tag twitter feed and the links to the actual wiki version used for the presentation. DEANZ_2010
Video Tut vMV wi:YT;tm:PO Excel2007:Naming spreadsheet regions: A YouTube video is used to explain a Spreadsheet concept, followed by activities for the learners
Excel2007:Naming spreadsheet regions

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