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Design using PowerPoint

The following Slideshare presentation "YOU SUCK AT POWERPOINT!" identifies some things to consider when developing your PowerPoint presentation.

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Text boxes

It is important that you use text boxes sparingly. The slide masters usually contain an area for a title and for content. Using these will allow you to manage this text in outline view. If you create custom text boxes these will not appear in the outline view.

Screen capture

A really useful technique to know is how to capture an image from you PC screen. This can be done as follows;

If you want to capture ony part of a window, you can resize and move the image in the window then use [Alt]+[PrtScrn] If you want to capture the whole screen use [PrtScrn] This will copy the screen to the clipboard.

.. now back to PowerPoint...

Use Edit+Paste or [Ctrl]+[V] (some use the word V=Velcro to remember this) ... now crop the image

Click on the image. The picture toolbar should appear. If it doesn't use View>Toolbars> and click on Picture On the toolbar is a crop tool (Two overlapping right angles in a box), click on this. Now using the drag handles crop the image. When you have cropped it, click of the image (to close the toolbar down), then reselect the image.

You can now resize the image or move it. Save Handouts to Word

To create a Word version of PowerPoint handouts, use

File > Publish >Handouts in Word > Blank lines next to slides. .. :)

Embed a Youtube Video into PowerPoint

Create a new blank Slide (Remove any existing textboxes if there are any). Enable Developers Mode: Click on Home button > PowerPoint Options > Show Developer Tab in Ribbon. With the developers Tab selected:

  • Click on the hammer and wrench icon.
  • Scroll down and click on Shockwave Flash Object and then Click OK. Draw the size of the object on the blank slide.
  • Paste the URL(from the browser address bar) of the Youtube Video into the Movie Section of the Alphabetic List
  • Delete Watch? from the URL, remove = and replace with /
    • The URL should now look like this:
  • Close properties. Review and play your slide. Tidy up an positioning and sizing.

The absolute greatest thing a student will ever see



  • Kapterev (2007)[1] some PowerPoint ideas (remember for an international audience when you use pictures only, the audience must have listening skills in the language you are delivering in)

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