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Development is underway to add 3D standards into Web Browsers. This allows a space to be defined in 3D - (like a first person shooter, or Second life) and allows you to navigate in the environment. The Khronos Group and Mozilla have announced the release of WebGL, a new standard for enabling Web browsers to support three-dimensional (3D) graphics.Google is developing its own O3D project, which is currently a browser plug-in, but will be built directly into Chrome. (Shankland, 2009)[1]

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Objective 3D in a Web Browser

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Describe the features of the following web browser based 3D formats
  • VRML
  • WebGL
  • Google O3D


VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling language) is an early form of animation where objects are defined as wire frames then rendered (filled in) in real time. This is being extended into creating "worlds" that you can then move about in, for example in Internet connected virtual shopping malls. A special VRML plug-in is required to play 3D models described in VRML.

VRML (2009, October 20)[2]

National Gallery of Ireland VRML (profdirectx. , 2008)[3]

VRML - Modern house


WebGL. (2009, December 14). [4]

WebGL is ported from OpenGL, OpenGL is used by the popular gaming console PS3 as its core graphics library. WebGL has a small collection of libraries that have been ported from popular and mature cross platform projects such as, Copperlicht.

Google announced that they will merge their efforts in development of O3D with WebGL.

If you want to try WebGL for yourself visit or A certain browser is required, and as at writing this entry, most browsers have this feature disabled for more information visit on browser support.


(O3D, 2009)[5]

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