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  • Creating tables in JavaScript requires the use of the DOM table Object Model. As <table> and <tr> are read only attributes in Internet Explorer, this means you can't use innerHTML to create rows in a table. To manage this JavaScript has a DOM Table object model.

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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand table manipulation in JavaScript

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Creating a Table and adding rows

<script type="text/javascript">
  function displayResult() {
    var table=document.getElementById("myTable");
    var row=table.insertRow(-1); // change to 0 to add at the top of the table
    var cell1=row.insertCell(0);
    var cell2=row.insertCell(1);
    cell1.innerHTML="R? C1";
    cell2.innerHTML="R? C2";
  <table id="myTable" border="1">
    <tr><td>R1 C1</td><td>R1 C2</td></tr>
    <tr><td>R2 C1</td><td>R2 C2</td></tr>
  <p><button type="button" onclick="displayResult()">Insert new row</button></p>

For insertRow 0 = insert at the top of the table, -1 = at the bottom and a number indicates which row,


Displaying in a pop-up window

function fnDisplayHire() {
    var varMyTable = document.getElementById('myTable');"","_blank");
	winMsg.document.write("<html><head><title>Display table</title>");
	winMsg.document.write("<table border='1'>" + varMyTable.innerHTML + "</table>");

Displaying (or accessing) a cell in the table

     winMsg.document.write("<p>" + varMyTable.rows[1].cells[0].innerHTML + "<p>");

And to display the number of rows


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