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Detect Symbian S60 Smartphones.

The most popular smartphone platform in the world is Symbian S60. Used primarily by Nokia and a few other manufacturers, S60 features an extremely capable browser (Hand, 2008).[1] Other mobile device detection code is also on this page.

Hand(2008) also indicates that this may not work as:

  • Users can turn off JavaScript
  • Not all mobile phones support JavaScript (particularly if they support WAP/WML)
  • Requires the useragent string. (Some browsers emulate others so give false results)
  • Mobile operators (e.g. Telecom, vodaphone) can change the useragent string

var deviceS60 = "series60";
var deviceSymbian = "symbian";
var engineWebKit = "webkit";
//Initialize our user agent string to lower case.
var uagent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
// Detects if the current browser is the S60 Open Source Browser.
// Screen out older devices and the old WML browser.
function DetectS60OssBrowser()
   return > -1 &&
     ( > -1 || > -1);
function load()
if ( DetectS60OssBrowser() ) 
{ window.location = '' }; }

// this is not tested but should redirect the page

<body onload="load()">

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