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This is my hints page.

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Objective Auction sites

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand how auctions can work on the internet

Planet Bid

Planet bid auction site

(, 2009)[1]

A 1TB Hard Disk Drive currently auction value: $21.54

Some calculations:

  • The drive is now at $21.54. Each time someone bids it costs them the max. of $1.45 (approx) and they increase the bid by .11 cents, so so far the company has made $21.54/.11 * $1.50 = (approx) $294.
  • They will make a fortune. However if you were the last bidder it would be a bargan.. but if you bid in the closing seconds the bid time increases again.. so it could go on for ages.costing $1.49 each time .. very clever company.. but I suspect you wont get a bargain in the end!
  • BTW if it sold for $284 at .11 cents per bid at the lowest cost per bid ($1.00) the company would make $2,581.

... and whats more the amount of time you would have spent waiting for the auction to continue could be hours !!


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