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<quiz display=simple> {A protocol used to control the secure sending of data on the internet is |type="()"} - SMTP. + HTTPS. - TCP/IP. - HTTP.

{Which piece of hardware protects the resources of a private network from users from other networks? |type="()"} - Cache server. - Proxy server. + Firewall. - Router.

{The time taken to download a DVD Movie, such as "The Matrix", using Internet 2 is approximately |type="()"} - 170 hours. - 25 hours. - 7 hours. + Less than a minute

{Which of the following is a true statement about Intranets and Internets? |type="()"} + They use the same protocols. - They use similar protocols. - Encryption is necessary. - Speed is slow.

{An internet based 3D virtual world where you move through the world as a 3D-avatar is: |type="()"} - Google maps + Second Life - - Twitter

{Which of the following is NOT a Microsoft Internet tool or technology? |type="()"} + Dreamweaver - Silverlight - Internet Explorer - Expression Web

{Which type of search will find matches containing an exact sentence or part of a sentence as specified by a user? |type="()"} - keyword search. + phrase search. - concept search. - boolean search. </quiz>