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Curating digital content in teaching and learning using wiki technology


Kia ora, Mirëdita, Ahalan, Parev, Zdravei / Zdrasti, Nei Ho, Dobrý den, Goddag, Goede dag, Hei, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Gia'sou, Shalom, Namaste, Jó napot, Halló / Góðan daginn, Halo, Dia dhuit, Ciao, Kon-nichiwa, An-nyong Ha-se-yo, Ni hao, Hallo, Dzien' dobry, Olá Bunã ziua, Zdravstvuyte, Hola, Jambo, Hej, Sa-wat-dee, Merhaba, Vitayu, Xin chào, Hylo; Sut Mae?, Sholem Aleychem!


  • This presentation
    • Considers how our content is sourced and disseminated
    • Argues that an educators content is changing from knowledge collection and dissemination to curation
    • Describes the virtualMe framework for teaching and learning
    • Identifies a wiki as a content technology
    • Considers whether wiki technology is a suitable digital curation tool

Introducing ...

  • From: Napier, New Zealand
    • approx 18,500km (11,500 miles) away
  • My third ICALT Conference
    • Finland, Netherlands, and now Rome

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