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History of Storage

Here's an infographic about the history of storage. | History of Storage

Internal storage

Hard disk drive

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External Storage

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Trouble shooting

Cannot save to your removable drive

  • Problem: You cannot write to your removable drive (especially when on a institution/corporate network)
  • Solution: You need to give yourself rights to do this
    • In My Computer, right click on the drive and select properties
    • Click on the Security Tab
    • Click the  Add...  button
    • In the text area type "Everyone", then check  Check Names , and  Ok  (You may be asked for a location to check the names from: Choose the organisations name or the name of your PC/Laptop)
    • This should take you back to the Security Dialog box
    • Click on Everyone in the Group or user names, then check the Allow box in "Full control" (This should fill in all the other boxes)
    • Click  Ok  twice and you should now be able to write to your removable drive.

Defragging your drive

  • Defraggler (Piriform, 2009)[1]- Free Defragging software can show and defrag individual files

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