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Web camera


  • 2003 1200x1200 dpi standard

Digital Cameras

  • 2002 2MegaPixel Cameras standard
  • 2003 3MPixel Cameras standard
  • 2011 10MP+ Cameras standard

For a digital camera a couple of things that make a difference

  1. Uses standard AA batteries (while it can make the camera a bit bigger means that if the batteries go flat you can always buy some in a supermarket)
  2. Has a good lens (e.g. Zeiss) some have plastic ones and they don't take such good pictures
  3. A digital zoom just increases the images size using electronics, Optical zoom does it by the lenses (which is better)
  4. For a normal photo sized print 6x4 inches you only need 2MPix (actually needs to be a little larger to get a fill 300pixels per inch) so 3MPix is better, for A4 and poster size you need more :) (McHugh, n.d.)[1]

.. once you have decided use the cameras type and check reviews on the web.

Video Camera

Motion input

  • Microsoft Kinect (currently available for XBox)
  • Google: Gmail motion
Google: Introducing Gmail motion

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