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Sound to Button

To add the sound, first right click on the Circle (button) and choose Edit. Once you have done that, you should see the modified timeline to accommodate the button. Insert a new layer above "Layer 1" and call it sound.


Now, what we want is to have a sound playing when the user moves the mouse over the button, and a sound should play when the user clicks on the button. So, right click on the frame "Over" in the Layer "sound" and Insert Keyframe. Insert a keyframe in the frame marked Down as well.

The final step is to drag and drop a sound into the Over keyframe and the Down keyframe in the "sound" layer. So, click on Window > Common Libraries > Sounds. You should see the Library window with all the sounds installed by Flash.

All you have to do now is simply drag and drop. Click on the Over keyframe and drag the sound "Brick Drops" onto the animation. Then click on the Down keyframe and drag the sound "Industrial Door Switch" onto the animation. Now you should have a sound on each keyframe for Over and Down. Then Ctl+enter to test the movie.



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