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A COUNTIF function counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given criteria.

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Objectives : COUNTIF Function

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of an Excel COUNTIF function
  • Add a COUNTIF Function to a worksheet


Excel 2007: COUNTIF Function examples

Example :Click here to download vmvXL07_Eg01.xls.


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Display how many students get a specified grade

  1. Enter student names and grades
  2. Name the range (B4:C12) grades, by
    1. Click in the cell reference area (top left) , type grades, then [Enter]
  3. Enter the totals column (totals, A,B,C)
  4. Formula for D14: Using actual cell references
    1. Click fx in formula bar, under statistical category choose CountIf
    2. In range enter C4:C12, Criteria enter A
  5. Formula for D15: Using named range "grades"
    1. As for 4 except when you get to the Range press [F3] to display
    2. named ranges and choose "grades"
  6. Formula for D16: Using sheet references
    1. As for 5 except enter the criteria as the cell reference C16
  7. Create a pie chart of the grades (C14:D16)

Of course you can always type in the formula directly without the Excel formula wizard.

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