EIT Staff Expo 2012

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Improving student interaction using Adobe Connect

Assoc Professor Dr Michael Verhaart
  • Date: 14 June
  • Workshop stream 2: 2:00-2:30pm
  • Workshop stream 3: 2:45-3:15pm
  • Venue: The Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawkes Bay
    Taradale, Napier, New Zealand

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Adobe Connect Notes

  • If you want to share video best to be wired - rather than wireless
  • For students best to have audio off unless talking (reduces bandwidth)
  • For presenter running video/audio best not to stop microphone (on EITs computers may freeze computer for a while)
  • If you have students in class asking questions and you're using a web-cam, repeat the question (am trying out a mutli-directional microphone to see if this is better)
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Connect rooms

  • bear, bird, cat, dog, duck, rat

Some activities

  1. Log in to virtualmv, enter as a guest and please use your first name.
    • Quick demo showing
      • Screen sharing
      • Record session
      • Putting hand up
      • Document sharing
      • Whiteboard sharing
    • While I'm demoing try...
    1. Chatting
      1. Add a hi to the chat room
      2. Make a comment
      3. reply to someone else's comment
    2. Put your hand up at some point I will promote you to presenter and put up a shared white board
      1. Add something to the shared white board
  • Close the room and open up in one of the other rooms
    1. If there is no sharing go on
      1. Share your screen otherwise watch someone else and do some chatting ...
      2. Browse the internet, disconnect then
      3. Fire up a whiteboard, so you and others can try it out
      4. Disconnect so others can try too..

  • If you have a mobile device,
    • If an iPhone/iPad you can download the Adobe Connect App (student@eit with your staff login)
    • If android ....

Adobe connect session showing a Guest speaker from Australia (Joyce), the actual physical class in progress (in EIT Campus, Taradale, Napier), a combination of students in the class, in the local area (mix class attendance with watching from home) plus a distance learner (Gisborne)


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