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The road to Open Education Resources

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Kiwi sign on road by Mt. Bruce Bird reserve

Way back

  • Needed to share resources as class taught by multiple lecturers. Used acetates which were always shuffled!!
  • Onto PowerPoint with Projectors

1985-1995 V/2-Help

  • 1993 Based on Windows help files
    • Sold to several High Schools and ITPs

1995-2000 V/2 Encyclopedia (I)

  • Static Web pages

2000-2002 V/2 Encyclopedia (II)

  • Chunking the pages
  • Looked at how to display on Overhead and produce teaching/student notes

2002-2005 V/2 Online

  • Dynamic Web based files
  • Used a database to store the pages
  • Allowed for annotations
  • Sniplet = "A piece of knowledge or information that could be represented by one overhead"
  • Managing references (the importance of citing)
  • Also looked at Learning Object Repositories

2006-2008 virtualMV

  • The virtualMe framework
    • Annotation framework
    • Sniplet model
    • Multimedia Object (MMO) and Media Vocabulary Markup Language (MVML) and multiple representations (e.g. image, audio, video)
  • 2008 Thesis

2008-present vmvWiki

  • Development of "Hard-coded" online system had to stop while I wrote up thesis. Looked for an alternative CMS. Chose MediaWiki as it is used by Wikipedia and significant online educational efforts (wikiEducator and WikiVersity)
  • PBRF Scholarship
The Networked Teacher (Adapted from Couros (2008) - Creative Commons) Source: (Couros, 2008)[1]
    • Documenting use of Web 2.0 tools into wiki
    • 2010: DEANZ | CITRENZ

And finally to Open Education Resources

Where to?

  • OERu assist
  • educational analytics
  • Digital curation?
    • How to manage your growing digital assets
  • EIT joining the OERu movement?


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