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Some Photo editing programs

  • Commercial
    • Adobe Photoshop
  • Open Source/Freeware
    • GIMP
    • Paint.net
  • Something Different
    • Excel Art - Turn your images into a mosaic of Excel coloured cells (Windows only)

Essential skills

The following lists basic skills you should learn when you start with an image manipulation program I will modify these as I think a little more)

  1. Opening multiple images (does it handle multiple images in the one environment - or needs to open up separate instances)
  2. Saving in different formats (gif, jpj, png)
  3. Cropping an image
  4. Selecting parts of an image and moving them around in the same image
  5. Changing Colours (cloning)
  6. Copying part of an image into another image
  7. Setting transparancy

Photo Editing Techniques

Feature Application
Transparent backgrounds Paint.net YouTube

Merging two photos

An advanced image editing technique called 'merging' or creating a 'montage' is often used to merge, blend or bring together two or more photo images. This technique combines images into collages using blends and two or more photos. 'Merging' is an ideal way of joining different visual concepts into one smooth display. This effect can be achieved by using Adobe Photoshop, and is often used in web or document design. It can be incorporated into multimedia productions for an effective and appealing appearance. There are a number of ways to achieve the 'blended' effect. The following method uses the marquee tool.

Steps involved include:

  1. Using the marquee tool to select separate sections within each individual photo file.
  2. Feathering should then be set to an appropriate pixel size
  3. Using the cut tool, drag each individual photo section into a new document
  4. Position each individual photo section by selecting and moving each one together until a smooth 'merged' effect is achieved.
  5. Save the new document as a jpeg file.

Using this technique can enhance images and create some very effective results. Merging provides a way of viewing two or more shots together in the same image. Merging photo enables an amalgamation of contrasting shots into a pleasing montage of artistry.

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