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Many of us would probably agree that the best way of learning often comes from the experiential way of learning, and learning should be fun for students as well as teachers. I would like to have a discussion with you on what are the interesting or experiential way of "teaching" or "facilitating" the learning of learning theory for example:

  • behaviorism of way of learning
  • cognitive way of learning
  • constructivism of way of learning
  • other way of learning like service based of learning
  • collaboration way of learning
  • inquiry based learning

Steve Wheeler of the University of Plymouth explores the concept of new learning forms that don’t simply place old forms on new digital platforms, but reconsider those forms.Key among the ideas given is personalized learning via the Just in time, Just enough, Just for me admonishment, a vision nearly impossible without a fully engaged community, smart application of technology, or both.

  1. Distributed Learning
  2. Enhanced Mobile Technology
  3. Collaborative Intelligent Filtering
  4. 3D Visualization and Interaction


Learning Theories

Te Kete Ipurangi - The online knowledge basket - is a NZ MOE initiative that provides a great selection of resources and information for educators. Amongst the downloadable resources is a quick overview of Learning Theories. This document covers the basic theories as mentioned in the list above.

Course Design/Instructional Design

Tiltspace Blog: Cluster 2: Course design

  • Introduces ADDIE ( Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation ) and
  • OTARA ( Objectives, Topics/Themes, Activities, Resources, Assessment ) - however the order of design follows Objectives, Assessment, Activities, Resources and themes
  • Infographic: What Does It Take to Create Effective e-learning?

Project Management

Pedagogy in Technology for Learning

Blended Learning resources

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