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Icon Introduction.png Introduction:


  • virtualMe - Action research cycle 4:Research question
    • "Can a wiki be used to effectively deliver content in a blended teaching and learning environment?”.
    • To provide a tool to answer this a wiki was installed and has been used to deliver teaching and learning content.

Icon Objective.png

Objective Developing a wiki for teaching and learning

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Describe the three parts associated with a teaching and learning wiki
    • Hosting
    • Content construction
    • Content delivery

Case study

The case study can be broken down into three parts

  1. Hosting
  2. Content construction
  3. Content delivery
Wiki architecture overview

1. Hosting

Wiki architecture overview

Hosting using private MediaWiki because ...

  • Extensive use (Wikipedia)
  • Used by WikiEducator, Wikiversity, Wikibooks.
  • The software is Open Source.
  • Has an active extension community continually adding new functionality.
  • Supports a wide variety of multimedia types
  • Has the capability to be extended (e.g. add YouTube and Flickr functionality).
  • Enables the researcher to offer an informed contribution to the existing wiki communities.
  • Can be installed on a private host, enabling the researcher to gain an understanding of the technology underpinning the wiki.

2. Content construction

virtualMV wiki: Content construction

Example page

3. Delivery

virtualMV wiki: Delivery architecture
  • Display in lecture
    • Text size + Zoom-it
  • Specialised code (link to external pages)
  • Connected media
    • Videos (Embed YouTube)
    • Presentations
      • PowerPoints (slideshare)
      • (public) Google presentation
  • User discussion
    • Twitter hash tag
  • Annotations
    • Amend actual pages
    • (Threaded discussion possible)
  • Student knowledge construction
    • Create own sub-wikis off user name

(those in italics added since paper written)

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