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Two important positions in an organisation are directly related to the organisations data and database management system; Data administrator and database administrator.

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Objective Data and database administrator

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Describe the roles and duties of;
    • Data administrator, and
    • Database Administrator

Data Administrator:


A management role, the DA looks after the overall management of data resources including maintaining corporate-wide definitions and standards.


  • Management
  • Documentation, developing policies.
  • Communication


  • is the custodian of the data, and will:
    • Develop procedures to protect and control the database
    • Resolve disputes
    • Determine what data needs to be maintained and stored in the database.

The position is senior-level middle management, rather than a technical position.

Database Administrator.


Is a hands-on role dealing with the physical management of the data and databases. Is a technical function responsible for physical database design and for dealing with technical issues such as security enforcement, database performance, backup and recovery


Needs skills in:

  • Hardware architecture and capabilities
  • Database Development Life Cycle
  • Design and modelling skills at conceptual, logical and physical levels
  • Management of both IS staff and end-users
  • Communication


  • Selection of hardware and software
    • rapid change
    • stick with it??
  • User support
    • Staff departure/training
  • Security, privacy and integrity
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Data policies
    • Protection, consistent policies
  • Planning
    • Development of the organizations information architecture
  • Data conflict resolution
    • Ownership
  • Internal marketing
    • Luddite?
  • Database tuning, upgrading, defragmenting drives, reorganising tables

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