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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Customize your Adobe Software Workspace with a personalized look


Adobe introduced several layout defaults in Flash CS4 and expanded on this in CS5.

  • Essentials:
  • Animator:this layout brings the timeline to the top and full colours palette at the lower right
  • Classic: this layout looks like the screen layout of the previous versions of Flash. All the elements are the same, but arranged in a different fashion.
  • Debug: this layout helps you find and correct errors in your applications, includes the debug and outputs panels.
  • Designer: this layout is suitable for designing your graphical elements.
  • Developer: this layout is used to create programs using ActionScript and includes the debug panel.

and new in CS5:

  • Small Screen: this layout has smaller icons and contains the timeline, stage, tools, motion editor, properties, library and actions panels.

Make your Own Layout

All the latest software from Adobe allow you to dock and float the various panels and single icons and arrange them to suit yourself.

Grab hold of a single icon or docked group and drag to the required position.

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The available docking areas will highlight in blue.

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Drop the panel or icon in. You can rearrange the whole workspace to suit your own requirements.

Saving the Layout

Saving the layout is easy. The current workspace is available on the toolbar and contains an option to change to the other layouts or to create your own.

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Click on → New Workspace...

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Give your new workspace a name and click save. Your Customized workspace is now available each time you require.

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