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This panel looks at Computing and Design and is centered on Nathan Shedroff's keynote

Nathan Shedroff's design model Meaning/Experience

(Hopefully Nathan will be ok with me putting this on the web...?) (Source: Shedroff, 2010)[1]

Design is...

  • Design = familiarity
    • iGoogle = uses Phone interface as widgets (e.g. for Social Media like Facebook and Twitter)
  • Design = personalisation
    • virtualMV = "feeling" that students are interacting with "me"
  • Design = intuitive
    • iPhone - no user manual. Of 3 phones I trialed only one I didn't want to hand back, plus changed the way I worked (didn't turn on my laptop at last DEANZ conference) - meaning evolved.
  • Design at different levels
    • Holistic (site/Application) -> Detail (Media)
  • Design based on Implementer/User
    • Programmer (picking list), User (pigeon)

Teaching Design

  • Students are to ask 2 questions
  1. Why would anyone want to visit your site?
  2. Why would anyone want to re-visit your site?

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Question : A Shedroff "meaning" question...

After Nathan's presentation I should add one for meaning... any ideas?

  • How have we improved student design?
    • Added an Electronic Design paper to BCS
    • Provide good exemplars from previous students

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