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This presentation has covered

  • some background to using wikis in a blended teaching and learning environment
  • a case study using media wiki in three parts
    • Hosting
    • Content Construction
    • Delivery

So where to from here?

Icon Objective.png

Objective virtualMVwiki - where to?

By the end of this page you will be able to describe:

  • Possible future extensions to virtualMVwiki
  • A consolidated architecture model

Recent work

Implement further extensions as they become available

  • Adding widgets, and exploring their extensive range, including social media extensions
  • Adding a global threaded discussion
  • Adding threaded discussions to each page

Future work

  • Conduct research into effectiveness
  • Feedback from students in latest course evaluations has been positive.
  • Become part of wiki education communities
    • WikiEducator
      • Participate in Learning4Content - The "WikiEducator Gives Back" Online Workshop (July 21-August 4, 2010) Participants
    • WikiVersity

Consolidated virtualMVwiki architecture

virtualMVwiki consolidated wiki architecture


  • The research is a continuous work-in-progress—which parallels a wiki philosophy.
  • As the wiki evolves, an understanding of what the wiki is capable will continue to grow, for both the researcher and students.
  • It is hoped that this research will involve others interested in adopting or learning about the technology.

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Any Questions?

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