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Formatting Text with HTML and CSS

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By the end of this page you will have:

  • An understanding of the HTML and CSS tags supported by Flash


Flash supports only a few HTML tags.

HTML Tag Notes
<font> Supported attributes include size, color, face
<b> Bold
<i> Italics
<u> Underlines text
<span> supported attribute: class
<p> paragraph, multiline must be enabled, attributes include align and class
<br> multiline must be enabled
<li> All lists are bulleted (no ul or ol)
<img> Supported attributes are src, height, width, align, hspace, vspace, id
<a> Supported attributes are href, event, target
<textformat> Used to apply a subset of TextFormat properties - block indent, indent, leftmargin, rightmargin.

Further information can be found at Devarticles [1]

To enable HTML in a textfield, change the property from text to htmlText.

Using CSS

Flash also supports a limited number of CSS properties.

CSS Property Notes
color Font color in 0xRRGGBB format
display Display characteristics incl none, block, inline
font-family Font name eg Arial
font-size Size in pixels
font-style Italic or Normal
font-weight Includes bold or normal
kerning Either on or off - true or false
letter-spacing In Pixels
margin-left In Pixels
margin-right In Pixels
text-align left, right, center or justify
text-indent first line indent in pixels
text-decoration Underlines text, either underline or none

See this page for information on creating the stylesheet and using the URLLoader and URLRequest classes.

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