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Database reports

Probably the thing that most distinguishes a spreadsheet from a database is the ability to generate a variety of reports.

A report allows us to display data (raw facts) as information ( useful processed data ). Generally a report is designed to be produced on paper, but, it is good practice to always screen preview a report prior to printing.

In MS-Access there are several stages in producing a report.

  • Deciding what tables or queries the report is based on (actually an SQL command).
  • Using the wizard to generate a report template. This stage creates a basic layout where the report headings are defined and the position of the data is specified.
  • Modifying the report template (if required). Most reports need to be tidied up, with additional headings, improved layout spacings, calculations and so on.
  • Running the template against the data to produce a preview or hardcopy.

Creating a phone list

This task will develop a report to printout a phone list for the staff.

1. With tblStaff selected, from the Create Tab choose Report Wizard

2. Select the fields (using the [>] ) in the following order: Phone, LastName, FirstName, Address, TownCity

3. No grouping levels

4. Sort by LastName then FirstName

5. Layout = Tabular, Orientation = Portrait

6. Choose a style

7. Change the title to rptStaffPhone

8. Change the design

a. looks line Access is too smart and puts the sort fields first, so into design view and move the fields around so that the phone number is first (Click on phone and move to the first column)

b. Change the report title to Staff Phone List

c. Change the column headings to make them less "geek" like.

The final report should look like

Acc07 Hire HR rpfStaff01.png

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