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This task will demonstrate some report design techniques

Creating a masterfile "default" report (single table)

Using the "Report wizard" create the following report (sort by LastName then FirstName), and modify:

  • Report Title
  • Column Headings
  • Move ID to first column

Acc07 Hire HR rpfStaff02.png

Creating a customised Masterfile report

Modify the report to: (refer to the notes following)

Acc07 Hire HR rpfStaff03.png


Ungroup form objects

To make significant changes to the report you will need to remove the grid setting ([Crtl]+[A] to select All, then Report Design Tools > Arrange > Remove)

DateStart and HourlyRate

To make a label like HourlyRate split over two lines, place the edit cursor before the R (of Rate) and [Shift] + [Enter].


When writing concatenated strings build up the expression in small increments and test as you go. Use your mouse and drag over all the fields excluding ID (it is best to start dragging in the margin on the right) - this will select all the column headings and the text boxes. Then drag to give some space for Full name Use Report Design Tools > Design and So to create FullName you could try

    • then preview. (If #Error occurs you have probably left the text object's field name as either StfFirstName or StfLastName (depending on which you changed). Then, if this works add the rest i.e.
=[StfLastName]&", "& [StfFirstName]
  • StaffId
    • StfId is a Long Integer. If you want to include the value in a concatenated string you will need to have it converted to a string first using the STR function. So to put curly brackets round it
= "{" & STR([StfId]) & "}"
    • Note: Don't forget to change the Name of the text object from StfId, and right justify.
  • You could use the "Auto Report: Tabular". This will create the report in landscape and you will have to manually adjust all the fields and page widths to produce a report in portrait.
    • Access tries to be too clever sometimes. E.g. If the LastName expression is = LastName & FirstName, and you change the field name to FullName, Access also changes it in the expression. Just change this back to LastName to correct the problem.

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