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Populate the tables

Using the datasheet view add some data to the staff and timesheet tables.

A feature in Access (added in Access 2000) is the ability to expand a relationship in table view.

This view is useful to the database developer but should not be made available to the end user of a customised database.

Acc07 Hire HR tblStaffAdd01.png

Displaying a data dictionary

A Data dictionary displays the metadata (data that describes the entities) and can be generated using the documenter tool in MS-Access. There is probably far too much information displayed and selecting all the options will produce a mountain of paper - so select what you want to include carefully!

Steps: 1. Select the Database Documenter from the Database Tools tab

Acc07 Documenter.png

2. Select the tables you wish to display, then click on the Options button.

2a. For Include for table : Properties and relationships

2b. For Include for Fields : Names, Data Types and Sizes

2c. For Include for Indexes : Names and Fields

Acc07 Hire HR Documenter01.png

Printing out the relationships

MS-Access allows the relationships to be printed as a report. What Access actually does is create a report template (which you can edit) and uses this to create the printout.


1. On the Database Tools Tab, select relationships.

2. In the Tools area, select Relationship Report

Acc07 Hire HR RelationshipReport01.png

You can now printout the relationship report.

Use the Close Print Preview button to return to the relationship report design view. In this view you can modify the appearence of the report, but for now close the report. You will be asked if you want to save the changes to the design of 'Report1' this down, clicking [Yes] will display the "Save As" popup and suggest a Report Name. Call it rptHRRelationship


  • If you want to include the ER diagram in another application, you can use [Alt] + [PrtSc] to capture the Access window to the clipboard then in the destination application paste from the clipboard ([Ctrl]+[V])
  • If you change a table (e.g. add or delete field ) you will need to regenerate you Relationship report. (If you know how, you can edit the tables properties)
  • Always try to line up related fields
  • Expand the table boxes so that all the fields are showing.

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