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Entity Relationship diagrams

Acc07 Hire ERD Hire04.png

Which in MS-Access becomes (Entity/Attribute data dictionary follows)

Acc07 Hire ERD HireAcc01.png

  • Notes
    • Client to Hire is an Access type 2 join "Include ALL records from tblClient ..."
    • Equipment to Hire is an Access type 1 join "Only include rows where the joined fields from both tables are equal"
    • When included in the overall Database for the Hire Center, a staff member will be responsible for the Hire, so StfID has been added to tblHire. Later this will be linked to the staff table. But for now, to keep things from getting too complicated this relationship will be added later.


Client table (is included in the accounts sub system)

Acc07 Hire tblClient.png

Equipment table

Acc07 Hire tblEquip.png

Hire table

Acc07 Hire tblHire.png

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