2012 Professorial lecture

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Notes : Updates

I will be updating and adding to the wiki version, and hopefully others (including you!) will also - this is a wiki after all. (You will need to create a login (userid/password) to edit the wiki - apologies but the wiki is a target for spammers).

With the wider use and availability of the Internet, teachers and learners are presented with new opportunities and possibilities. The lecture presents a look at how pedagogy is evolving from “sage on the stage” to “connected learning” and describes a variety of digital learning technologies.

  • Date: Wednesday, 14th November
  • Time: 4.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Venues:
    • EIT Hawke’s Bay campus Lecture Theatre 1
    • EIT Tairawhiti M01 (via Webinar)

Recording of Webinar

Presentation underway

Here is the actual presentation (1hr 7 mins 408MB)

Online instructions

The lecture will be also webcast using Adobe Connect. On a PC or Mac you can use your web browser to navigate to


You should get a login screen ...

  • Choose "Enter as a guest"
  • This should open up a text area for your "Name".
  • Enter your name, and in brackets your location (e.g. Michael(Napier) )
  • Click [Enter Room]
  • On entering the room, type "hello" or a short message in the chat window.

If you are having problems:

  1. Check the URL is correct (The error is not clear)
  2. There have been some issues with Google Chrome so if you are having issues try a different browser.

If you have an iPad /iPhone install the Adobe connect App.

Wiki version

Teaching and learning in a digital age

Presentation (Google doc)



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