2012 EIT Allied Staff Forum

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An introduction to cloud based tools used in teaching, learning and collaborating

  • Date/Time: 29 September 8:30 - 10:00am
  • Venue: C215: The Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawkes Bay
    Taradale, Napier, New Zealand
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This workshop will give you a hands on introduction to some cloud based tools0, some of which were covered by in a presentation to the full staff meeting earlier this year. A selection of the following tools will be covered (depending on time and what the participants want to explore)

  • Adobe Connect (allows web based whiteboards , web cams etc .. all through a web browser)
  • Twitter (what is it and why would you bother?)
  • Blogs (Wordpress, Blogger)
  • Wikis
  • Google ecosystem
    • Drive (particularly Google Documents and their collaboration features)
    • sites (Portfolios)
    • Blogger (and using on the run)


A very fluid outline

Activity 1: Teaching over a distance: Video Conferencing v's Webinars (Adobe Connect)

  1. Log in to EITconnect.../virtualmv, use guest, enter your first name and proceed
    • Using technologies to allow students to participate in classes away from the campus
      • Video Conferencing - specalised rooms connected between Taradale and Gisborne
      • Web Conferencing - Using Adobe Connect to allow students to be taught through their web browsers.
        • Teaching from your desk (through web cam)
        • Geographically extended classrooms (face 2 face class plus students remote)
  2. Quick demo showing
    • Screen sharing/ Record session/ Putting hand up/ Document sharing/ Whiteboard sharing
    • While I'm demoing try...
    1. Chatting
      1. Add a hi to the chat room
      2. Make a comment
      3. reply to someone else's comment
    2. Put your hand up at some point I will promote you to presenter and put up a shared white board
      1. Add something to the shared white board
  • If you have a mobile device,
    • If an iPhone/iPad you can download the Adobe Connect App (for EIT staff use student@eit with your staff login)
    • If android ....

Activity 2: Cloud computing

  1. Introducing cloud based Word Processing
  2. Use link What I want to learn today Brainstorming and follow the instructions

Activity 3: Twitter

Activity 4: Wikis

Activity 5: Blogging

Activity 6: Google ecosystem

I have created a special gmail account if you don't have one vmveit (pwd v~1## ) to play on

Other stuff

  • MOOC (Massive Online Courses)
  • Creating a web presence
  • Mobile Applications
    • email
    • YouTube mobile
    • Google goggles
    • Voice recognition (Siri)
    • Capturing images, videos to produce online portfolios
    • Skymap


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