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To the V/2-Com (Verhaart) Knowledgebase Home page. This page is the door to the rest of my files.
If you are accessing on-line via my Voyager site (  you will only get to see a sample of the files and graphics.
If you are accessing them from a licensed intranet or from a Hard Disk or CD-ROM there is about 45MB of files and in excess of 3,000 files (more than 1400 individual html files, the remainder being multimedia graphics, animation, video, etc..) (1999) taking over six years to compile!
Note: The files are accessed by a web browser and do not require a web server.


The site is divided into the following sections.

  • V/2-eNcyclopedia: The core of my notes. Contains an encyclopedia of computing terms and terminology, and my basic teaching notes.
  • Guides: These are product and application guides. They range from a simple introduction to a program (such as MS-GIF animator) through to extensive teaching resources for MS-Access.
  • Module/unit outlines: For New Zealand education providers the Encyclopedia is linked to some of the modules in various courses.
    For NZ tertiary institutes these include modules in the Certificate in Business Computing and Advanced CBC, some of the units in the NZQA framework, and portions of the computing paper of the Diploma in Business Studies.
    For Secondary Schools and Private Training providers NZQA framework unit links are supplied.
  • WW Web links: This contains the live links to the internet. I have purposely consolidated all "live" links onto this page so that when using the V/2-Knowledge-base you won't be asked to connect to the Internet.
  • References: This contains all the references I have acknowledged in the knowledgebase.
  • Tangents: An assortment of bits and pieces, including;
    • Cartoon gallery
      Note: cartoons may be used in your personal notes, but ask for details if you want to use them in a commercial publication.
    • Floptical bunny comic strip that teaches basic mouse skills and connecting up the cables on a Personal Computer.
  • Family pages: Only available on the Voyager web site.
  • Help: What you are reading!
  • Users: Regestered users of the knowledgebase


Created with.
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I am using Microsoft's MS-Word 97 and Frontpage running Windows 98 to develop my Web stuff. To get the best results you should be using Internet Explorer 3.x or 4.x  (the MS browser), though Netscape navigator 3.x and above will also do. Animated software requires VB Script which is standard with IE 3.x and above.

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Remember: I have 1MB of space on the Voyager server so this will restrict what I can do.


b_htmlg.gif (190 bytes)A guide to the knowledge base

[Rev: 10/03/99] 18/11/97 � 1997-99 V/2-Com (Verhaart), P O Box 8415, Havelock North, New Zealand.

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